Friday, November 19, 2010

Our New EP

Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome into the world our new EP: Patricia. It's a white vinyl 7" (and yes it comes with a download code) and it's got 4 brand spankin' new songs. Click here to listen to "Jonathan Richman," and click here to order.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Help us make a video!

We need your help to make a video for our song "Patricia" off of our upcoming EP, due out in November. We've started this Kickstarter page to allow you to donate money for the video in exchange for stuff that you might want. As little as $10 gets you a DVD copy of the video and your name added to the "Thank You"s at the end of the video. The filmmaker we're recruiting for this video is Tyler Williams who directed the amazing "Away in a Manger" video.

If you're able to help us out, please visit our Kickstarter page:

Tyler Williams' Music Video for "Patricia" by The Very Most

We're really excited to hopefully make this happen, and I think the things you get for different levels of support are well worth it.

Thanks everyone!

Monday, May 10, 2010


We have a track called "Irlande" on the new Indiecater compilation Fast Forward available right here. It's our first post-A Year With The Very Most song we've recorded. Hope you enjoy it!

Nice artwork!

Monday, April 19, 2010

For my own reference more than anyone else's

Here's the list of cities that The Very Most have played in:

Garden City
Mountain Home

Salt Lake City

Spokane Valley
Walla Walla

La Grande

United Kingdom
Glasgow, Scotland

Republic of Ireland

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

John McMahon, master of all low pitched instruments

Just a quick update to let you know that we have a new bass player now: John McMahon. John has an illustrious career in the Boise music scene, playing with such bands and artists as The Sleestacks, Built to Spill (You know those amazing cello parts on There's Nothing Wrong With Love? That's him.), Draw, and Kris Doty. We recently lured him out of a short-lived rock retirement and things have been going swimmingly.

In other news, today a new song was released by my side project Baffin Island. It's for the Between Two Waves comp put out by Eardrums Pop. Give it a listen!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Custom Songs and Remixes

So, back in '08 we did this crazy thing where, if someone bought our album Congratulations Forever, we would write and record a song about whatever they wanted. Lots of people took us up on this and we wrote and recorded a lot of songs about girlfriends, boyfriends, daughters, and even articles of clothing. Some were good, some were better, some were just really strange. In any case, we thought they may be of interest to a lot of you, so we decided to offer a collection of these songs as a download-only bonus album that you get when you buy our latest album A Year With The Very Most. We also have some remixes commissioned by Indiecater that we've included in the collection. If you'd like to hear a track, give a listen to "Indie Rock Queen."

So, yup. There you have it. If this sounds good, just click here to buy our latest album. (If you've already bought our CD, just get in touch and we'll send a download code to your email.)

Thanks, and hope you enjoy the songs!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wanna make me tear up?

Just play one of these songs, both from movies that I remember from my childhood.

Sweet Pea's Lullaby from Popeye

Love from Robin Hood

I was thinking about maybe having TVM record versions of these, but how can you even try to reinterpret such perfection? I might change my mind about that though.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Google Translate Hilarity

So, we just got a review of our new CD A Year With The Very Most (which I'll be talking about in more detail later) from a blog in Germany. I always love reviews in non-English languages because it gives me an excuse to read the mangled English produced by Google Translate. Here's the funniest mangled review I've read in a long time.

Here's the original (which is quite complimentary, thankfully).

And here's Google's translation:
indiecater records for the specific ideas that are used. we went end of last year with the candy claws on virtual world tour, so we were in the same year the band to accompany the very most of their seasonal travel. because for each of the four natural wonder in the year they had at hand, the circular matching ep spring (summer, autumn, winter). It was now obvious, this song collection on a cd together and publish, including a "bonus tracks again. formerly offered as a download only eps can now, on a cd bundled to provide as physical tonträger shelf ins. 22.01.10 since yesterday is the "a year with the very most" good piece titled on indiecater relate to. The band from boise, idaho, convinces tunes primarily with saving, with two big and vocal harmony. the stylish arrangement, in part, each song concept, yet persuaded any doubters. is the twee-pop, or even quite large? who wanted to draw boundaries set, who compare it with belle and sebastian? the very most have developed a very own style that pulls from a growing self-confidence as well as to the collection of unbound label, and by marketing and detachment from any drawer mentality. rem just a sore. The cd can be heard on indiecater in full before we proceed to purchase, then, the cat in a bag somewhere gibts. The bonus track is actually a lake called the cover "kite"! buy and be happy!
Oh, man. "Is the twee-pop, or even quite large?" Well, that, my friend, is a question that mankind has been wrestling with for ages.

Thanks to das klienicum for the nice review, and thanks to the good folks at Google for providing a laugh while giving me, perhaps, the gist of what was in the review.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Us on Balcony TV

Hope you enjoy.

Our Top Albums of the Year

In honor of the New Year, we decided to share our top albums of the year with you. Check 'em out suckas! You might like some of them.

Jeremy's top 12 picks

Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career
Adam and Darcie - California Trail
Pains of Being Pure at Heart - s/t
Lake - Let's Build a Roof
Girls - Album
The Clientele - Bonfires on the Heath
God Help the Girl
Built to Spill - There is No Enemy
Desolation Wilderness - New Universe
Candy Claws - In the Dream of the Sea Life
Spondee - Pop Your Socks Off
Pastels/Tenniscoats - Two Sunsets

Honorable Mentions: Animal Collective, Canoe, Finn Riggins, Elephant Stone, Le Fleur

Zach's top 5 picks

Dragonslayer - Sunset Rubdown
Enemy Mine - Swan Lake
There Is No Enemy - Built to Spill
Vs. Wilderness - Finn Riggins
Din Din - Le Fleur

Elijah's top 5 picks

Bitte Orca - Dirty Projectors
Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle - Bill Callahan
Wind's Poem - Mount Eerie
Bromst - Dan Deacon
Merriwether Post Pavilion - Animal Collective

Jake's top picks (his go to 11!)

Clark-Totems Flare
Sunn 0))) -Monoliths And Dimensions
Squarepusher -Numbers Lucient
Pussygutt -Gathering Streignths
Wolves In The Throne Room -Melevolent Grain
Acid Mothers Temple -Dark Side Of The Black Moon
Black Moth Super Rainbow -Eating Us
Venetian Snares -Horsey Noises
Tim Hecker -An Imaginary Country
Lightning Bolt -Earthly Delights
Pelican -Ephemeral

Clint's Top 5 Picks

Jovenes Y Sexys - Bruno EP
The Silent Years - The Globe
En Ventura - Los Gandharvas
Hey Chica! - Do You Really Believe...?
The Holiday Friends - self-titled EP

Gia's Top 3 Picks

Adam and Darcie - California Trail
Finn Riggins - Vs. Wilderness
We Cut Corners EP