Thursday, February 18, 2010

Custom Songs and Remixes

So, back in '08 we did this crazy thing where, if someone bought our album Congratulations Forever, we would write and record a song about whatever they wanted. Lots of people took us up on this and we wrote and recorded a lot of songs about girlfriends, boyfriends, daughters, and even articles of clothing. Some were good, some were better, some were just really strange. In any case, we thought they may be of interest to a lot of you, so we decided to offer a collection of these songs as a download-only bonus album that you get when you buy our latest album A Year With The Very Most. We also have some remixes commissioned by Indiecater that we've included in the collection. If you'd like to hear a track, give a listen to "Indie Rock Queen."

So, yup. There you have it. If this sounds good, just click here to buy our latest album. (If you've already bought our CD, just get in touch and we'll send a download code to your email.)

Thanks, and hope you enjoy the songs!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wanna make me tear up?

Just play one of these songs, both from movies that I remember from my childhood.

Sweet Pea's Lullaby from Popeye

Love from Robin Hood

I was thinking about maybe having TVM record versions of these, but how can you even try to reinterpret such perfection? I might change my mind about that though.