Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Snow Covered Kickstarter Campaign

We've got a new EP coming out that we're pretty dang excited about, called Snow Covered. It's a collection of Christmas cover songs that don't often get covered, including songs originally done by The Beach Boys, Vashti Bunyan & Twice as Much, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, and British kids show band The Wombles. We do need to get some funding to put it out though. Not a lot, only $550, so that's good.

Here is Kickstarter project for the EP. Even if you don't feel like donating, you should click on the link to view a video of cute little girls dancing in Christmas hats. No, I have no problem whatsoever exploiting my children to advance my selfish ambitions.


  1. For those of use who missed the kickstarter campaign, where (and when) will the CDs be available for purchase? I have your last Christmas/Winter EP, and it was fantastic.

  2. Thanks! It should be available quite soon. I hope to have CDs back for the last week in November, but, if not then, the first week of December.